Madre Studio is the result of the artistic collaboration between the designer maker Guglielmo Maggini and the fashion stylist Viola Galassi. The Italian duo first met whilst still finishing their studies in London, a city where they have lived and worked for almost ten years.

Madre Studio is an evocative dialogue between design and fashion, an aesthetic vision translated into sculptural jewellery where the material culture of the maker meets the visual sensitivity of the stylist. Raw and primitive, yet elegant and timeless, the studio aims to outline a modern perception of femininity. The narrative approach of the designers is deeply rooted in their upbringing and so the skilful hands of local goldsmiths are in conversation with contemporary materials in order to tell a new story about Italian craftsmanship.

The Mother the creative duo shares is then a synthesis of the past and the future, echoing different design eras and fashion periods through a daring juxtaposition of materials in the attempt to redefine modern jewellery.