With elegant fluidity, the AB ORIGINE collection distils different cultures and codes through the engagement of baroque pearls and resin.

By combining flowing and naturalistic elements with more geometrical components, the starting point of this jewellery line can be found in the transition between Art Nouveau and Art Deco, while taking it further to a more contemporary redefinition of organic minimalism. With a light and architectural feel, the pieces are designed to interact with, and become primal extensions of, the body.

The whole collection is made of sterling silver; the metal is used as a subtle yet bold framework to enhance the two core materials by their opposites. AB ORIGINE plays with the visual clashes between natural and manmade forms: the romantic and eclectic baroque pearls are in conversation with clear epoxy resin casted to resemble organic shapes. The collection’s bright colour palette ranges from shades of orange to purple and green in order to subtilize the multichromatic transparencies and the exotic fantasies of the early XX century.

In AB ORIGINE materials are purposefully left in their raw primitive state, leaving a trace of their source or, in other words, their very beginnings within which lies their true timeless beauty.


Photographer: Alexandra Von Fuerst
Model: Jen O’Farrell
Hair Stylist: Anna Cofone
Make-up artist: Asuka Fukuda
All clothes by Emma Charles